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Donations Wanted For A TNC Family

A TNC attender lost their home to fire last night. Melanie Cooper (a neighbor and another TNCer) is accepting clothing donations for the family at Elizabeth’s All...
Posted by Tnc Info in TrueNorth
Comment from Brandon Ashe:

(email address removed)
On Feb 23, 2015 3:30 PM, “Tnc Info on The City” <(email address removed)>

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Important Meeting About Summer Camp!

Parents, We will be having a meeting about summer camp THIS coming Sunday, March 1st. It will be held at the Blok (1297 W Martintown Rd) at 5PM. We strongly encourage...
Posted by Daphne Brown in Wired: Middle School Ministry
Comment from Daphne Brown:

Betsy, thanks for letting usk now! We will be in touch :)

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Impact the World without Going Very Far

The partnership between TrueNorth Church and Water Missions International in Charleston, SC dates back quite a ways.  Being able to assist in providing clean drinking...
Posted by Matt Ames in TrueNorth
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[video] In this weeks video update: We are excited for the transition we are soon to make as we prepare to have our permanent home. You can still sign-up to serve,...
Posted by Steve Davis in TrueNorth
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A Club with "Breakfast" in the Name HAS to be AWESOME!

If there’s anything I’ve learned since beginning to write about missions at TrueNorth Church, it’s that our teams are led by some really fun, super awesome...
Posted by Matt Ames in TrueNorth
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Saturday we CELEBRATE the love of those special to us on Valentine’s Day! It’s a wonderful opportunity to EXPRESS (card, gift, candy, meal, etc…) the LOVE we...
Posted by Steve Davis in TrueNorth
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Last Chance for Guatemala in April!

Have you thought about taking the next step and joining Chuck and Deborah Young on what will surely be a fun adventure that will bring with it a lot of growth and...
Posted by Matt Ames in TrueNorth
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Transformed Journals

We still cannot believe the overwhelming response we received with the demand of the Transformed journals. Not only did we sell out of the original order, but also...
Posted by Tnc Info in TrueNorth
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Last Sunday at TNC our entire church family kicked off our new series TRANSFORMED together! Overflow crowds of over 1,800 were in attendance to begin a “50 Day...
Posted by Steve Davis in TrueNorth
Comment from Steve Davis:

Hey Teresa, I believe we have sold out of them twice. You can order them through this website though.

If an extra one becomes available, here at the office I will let you know.

Welcome back!

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A Campus is Not Enough

The past three Sundays at TrueNorth have been exciting for me.  It’s an excitement I’m sure many can share.  We are getting ready to move to a permanent home...
Posted by Matt Ames in TrueNorth
Comment from Ninamarie Fiedler:

Sylvia…God has a plan.

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It’s SUPER BOWL weekend, I’m sure you’re tired of the HYPE like I am.  However I can’t help but use the word SUPER to describe what’s happening at TrueNorth...
Posted by Steve Davis in TrueNorth
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New Campus Buzz Grows!!!!

Whether I’m talking with people from TNC or others in our community there is a growing excitement about what is happening on 1060 Martintown Road! People are PUPMPED!...
Posted by Steve Davis in TrueNorth
Comment from Sylvia Collins:

I got my Transformed book today! Received a welcome hug from Shane Williams and he shared his ears as I talked! Thank you for your welcome!!! I am all excited about our move and am willing to help ,even though I am limited in doing some things . I Am All In!!!!

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[video] In this weeks Video Update: Update on our new facility as we prepare for the Grand Opening. Two weeks from this Sunday, we will begin our 50 Day Spiritual...
Posted by Steve Davis in TrueNorth
Comment from Teresa Disch:

Wow! This is such an exciting time to be at TN. Can’t wait for my granddaughter to go down that slide! Awesome!

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Adventures in Science- January series in KidzStuff

The past two weeks we have been enjoying our new series for the month of January, “Adventures in Science.” We’ve been following our characters Dr. Oppenheimerstein...
Posted by Kayla Martin in KidWorks
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A Spring Break You Won't Forget

If you work or are in school, you know that time off is a precious thing.  With Spring Break coming up, it’s a great chance for a lot of people in the CSRA to...
Posted by Matt Ames in TrueNorth
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